August 23, 2014


I hate to say this. I really, really hate it, it's like I'm so utterly stupid or anything.

But, you got my heart. Even after several warning about how you're not wanting something serious. Even after you're chasing one of my friend. Even after everything. Everything.....

Oh fuck it. Okay, I'll admit it. I'm stupid, and I like you. That's it.

January 17, 2014

Pet Peeves

Things that bother me the most, like if I have it I can't really be 100% calm or something are:

  • Having things that not function, like, at all, or maybe partially broken
Does it my fault if the sink is broken and I just blindly use it because, d'uh, it's a sink and supposed to be a place to, you know, wash things? If it's leaking then it's the product of bad construction, right?

If you have a door whose knob or lock is broken
A room who can't get you a privacy
A bathroom with broken light
Washing machine whose block your way to the bathroom with it's pipe connected to some water source, idk.
Oversize shoes.
  • Constantly being told "you've changed", are you kidding me?
People changes all the time, chills. Or it just you, getting to know the unexpected sides of me. 
  • When you're on your first or second date, and start to get the "feeling" 
I don't even know what's the right/proper moment to get feeling tbh, as I am the INTJ person (is this some kind of excuse? lol). This one probably deserves more longer post

March 05, 2013

Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

One word: Inspiring

Review Commanding Heights Episode 1: The Battle of Idea

When you have nothing to blog about, just post your ... work(?)

I know this is silly, but Commanding Heights is worth watching. To sum it up (if you are bored with my "what's-this-nonesense" writing), the first episode is about the battle of ideas about planned economy by John Mayard Keynes and market-based economy by Friederick von Hayek. It's amazing how economists and politicians are closely related, seeing that economist ideas won't be implemented without politicians who believe in their ideas.

Commanding Heights
Pada tahun 2002, PBS menayangkan dokumenter Commanding Heights yang terdiri dari  tiga episode berdurasi enam jam. Tiga episode tersebut adalah: The Battle of Idea, The Agony of Reform, dan The New Rules of The Game. Dokumenter ini sendiri didasari oleh buku ‘The Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy’ karya Daniel Yergin dan Joseph Stanislaw yang diterbitkan pada tahun 1998.